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Dispute Resolution

Regardless of the nature of a dispute, our aim is usually to settle out of court wherever possible through a resolution agreed by both parties. We work closely with carefully selected barristers for the most effective and economic approach to each case.

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  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Corporate and Shareholder Disputes
  • Employment Termination
  • Patent Protection
  • Multi-jurisdictional Disputes
Subir Desai

Our expertise

We represent both commercial and residential clients in real estate litigation cases, covering landlord and tenant disputes, squatter and trespasser eviction, warranty claims and disputes over commercial agreements.

We work on business litigation cases covering corporate and shareholder disputes, employment termination, patent ownership and protection - and disputes over retail concessions, joint ventures, construction and other business matters.

We also draw on our cross-border expertise to act in multi-jurisdictional disputes, ranging from software disputes to international shipping and cargo disputes and increasing activity in commodity supply agreements involving multi jurisdictions.

Protecting trust assets, in cross border claims, Issuing or resisting worldwide Freezing Orders including asset tracing and recovery.

Our experience

Sample Transactions

  • Instructed by offshore trust companies to defend and protect high value London based trust assets against a worldwide freezing order.
  • Issuing ex parte worldwide freezing order in connection with multi-million multi-jurisdiction asset recovery.
  • Advising senior executives on enhanced severance packages and general employment rights.
  • General property litigation matters including issuing possession proceedings on behalf of landlords on both residential and commercial properties.
  • Advising on Regulatory/FSA matters and high value contractual disputes.
  • “We aim to provide and promote Firm/Commercial advice to defend you or enforce your rights.”
  • Subir Desai
  • Head of litigation
  • Call Subir on +44 (0)20 7758 8170 or email SD[AT]cdsmayfair[DOT]com

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